Collagen hybridizing peptide

This is the way you detect unfolded collagen instantly in each tissue!

Research on collagen will be notably vital for medical use.

However, the detection of the structural protein and its breakdown can pose some difficulties for scientists.

If you need to know methods to simply detect collagen in any tissue, we’ve simply the factor for you.

Let’s begin:

H√∂lzel Diagnostika provides you collagen hybridizing peptides from our producer 3Helix from Salt Lake City, USA.

The significance of collagen and its breakdown

Collagen is the most typical protein within the human physique.

It is a crucial part of just about all organs and tissues and kinds the framework for cell binding and cell progress.

What position does collagen breakdown play?

Collagen breakdown regulates the conventional tissue transforming that happens throughout improvement, homeostasis, and restore.

Excessive collagen breakdown is a key function of the tissue in a wide range of illnesses corresponding to most cancers , irritation and fibrosis.

Let’s go a little bit bit deeper:

All varieties of collagen from all species share the triple helix protein construction , which is discovered nearly solely in collagen.

After cleavage by a collagenase, the collagen molecule turns into thermally unstable at physique temperature and the triple helix spontaneously denatures.

Why is the detection of collagen breakdown so vital?

You have most likely already guessed:

It was discovered that the collagen triple helix unfolds with mechanical harm to the connective tissue and is a vital harm mechanism .

The progressive collagen hybridizing peptide (CHP) from 3Helix

Now think about that collagen breakdown will be demonstrated utilizing a small peptide.

The founders of 3Helix invented the collagen hybridizing peptide (CHP) .

This peptide can particularly bind to unfolded collagen molecules by forming the triple helix with denatured collagen chains analogous to a primer that binds to a molten DNA strand throughout PCR.

It will get even higher:

Conjugated with a fluorescent or biotin label , CHP is the primary probe of its form that allows the direct detection of unfolded collagen molecules in nearly any tissue that has been subjected to mechanical harm or an enzymatic transforming (whether or not physiologically regulated or disease-related).

Still not satisfied?

CHP in contrast to standard collagen characterization strategies:

CHP in comparison